Filing Back Tax Returns

Filing unfiled back tax returns is required to begin any tax resolution.

Carolina Tax Resolutions is a full service tax firm. A full service tax firm will provide tax preparation, tax planning, and tax resolution and relief services. If you have unfiled tax returns and hired a tax attorney to represent you, you’ll probably also need to hire someone else to prepare your unfiled tax returns. At Carolina Tax Resolutions, both the attorney and tax preparer are on the same Carolina Tax Resolutions team, so your tax returns and IRS defense are consistent. Having all your tax professionals housed under one roof, in one office working together, allows for superior, expedited results. With this structure, CTR is fully prepared to take on any IRS case you might face.


Even if the IRS has not notified you of your failure to file your tax returns, it is important to file because the IRS will catch up with you sooner or later. When the IRS finds you, they will categorize you as a criminal non-filer or a non-criminal non-filer. When considered a non-criminal non-filer, the IRS will contact you requesting that you file your unfiled tax returns within a 30 day period of their request.


They may also create a “substitute return” by filing back taxes on your behalf without giving you proper deductions, resulting in a much higher tax assessment. In the case of a criminal non-filer, the IRS may also seek to impose a criminal offense for unfilled tax returns. We may help you with the process of filing your back taxes. Once your tax returns are properly filed, we can either settle your IRS tax debt through the IRS Offer in Compromise Program or negotiate an affordable payment plan.


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