Currently Not Collectable

"Currently Not Collectable" status can stop IRS collection activity.

Being placed on an IRS Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status means that the IRS has determined that you cannot afford to pay the tax debt at the present time by payment in full, through an installment agreement or by way of an Offer in Compromise. Once a taxpayer is placed on CNC status, the IRS will suspend its collection activities (must immediately stop any wage garnishment or bank levy), but penalties and interest will continue to be added to the tax debt. If a taxpayer’s financial situation improves, the account will be taken off CNC status and the IRS can begin collecting on the tax debt through full payment or an installment agreement.
To be placed on a CNC status with the IRS, an IRS tax attorney will assess your financial situation and if qualified, determine sufficient financial hardship exists by showing there is no disposable income at the end of each month. A tax attorney will submit pertinent financial documentation to support an IRS finding of placing a taxpayer on a CNC status. It is crucial that your CNC paperwork is submitted properly by an experienced North Carolina tax attorney or the result could mean a rejection of your submission or, even worse, you may be forced to pay more than necessary.
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