Innocent Spouse Relief

Carolina Tax Resolutions can resolve collection activity by establishing you as an "Innocent Spouse".

When married taxpayers file a joint tax return, both taxpayers are responsible for the tax and any interest or penalties due on the joint return, even if they later divorce. However, if you can show with reasonable cause that you were “innocent” and not aware of any understatement or erroneous information given in the joint tax return, the IRS may consider you “innocent’ and relieve you from paying the tax, interest and penalties.
To find out if you are a good candidate for innocent spouse tax relief, a tax relief lawyer will assess the facts and circumstances surrounding the filing of your joint return and devise a plan to find the best tax solution. It is crucial that your innocent spouse relief request is evaluated and assessed by an experienced tax attorney to avoid payment of the IRS tax debt, interest and penalties, if qualified.
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